Shopdraw - ideal software for building supppliers and industrial companies.

Shopdraw is a program that combines a few drawing tools with a fast workflow. It provides drawings, and at the same time, all relevant data is saved and organized so it can easily be exported for an Excel file or other file formats.

Shopdraw helps you to produce shop drawings easily and simply. If you produce the same object in variated formats again and again, Shopdraw is an amazing tool that makes the job of working out shop drawings much easier. (Try drawingtools in links to the right.)

Shopdraw follows a simple work flow.

  • Type your measurements.
  • Modulate the object.
  • Print a finished drawing ready for production.

The whole procedure is done within a few minutes.

Shopdraw is an online-based program. All your drawings are in "My projects" and can be opened again anytime.

Shopdraw is easy and straightforward to work in. It doesn’t require high technical skills of the user.

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